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Welcome World in our future

We are here for you the matrix, the largest and
strongest Legion in the universes.

Each state structure we are self, because we are the
people so every public servant is ONLY our Employee.

Our Loyalty is our honor, because
we are together, for our Homeland.

And anyone, who wants to destroy the world,
we kill ALL this plans;
then we never forgive and we do not forget anything.

Expects us your judgment that your with
Your deeds have even spoken self.

We are Echolon and we hear and seen all what you do to.
...and we hear and see more, as only NSA...
Welcome blue Planet IP:

Destroy all the terrorists in this World;
with him his founder and his financiers

=== Website under Construction ===

The World is silent for 6 minutes

..If you not know, we can repair,
..then you not destroy before

plant a tree for a green world

Diese Webseite ist ausgerichtet nach demokratischen Richtlinien der Gedanken- Rede- und Meinungsfreiheit, und distanziert sich von jedem Inhalt und jedem Verbots-Gesetz, da Verbote jeglicher Art und Weise dem
freien Geiste widersprechen unter dem Motto: ...wenn der gewählte Staatsvertreter selbst das Gesetz und die Verfassung bricht; Unrecht zu Recht macht, dann ist Widerstand die Pflicht (entlehnt nach Friedrich Schiller)
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